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Harness is a rapidly growing startup that is disrupting the software delivery market. We are building an intelligent software delivery platform that enables engineers to deliver software faster, with higher quality, and less effort. The Harness Software Delivery Platform includes Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Cost Management, and Feature Flags. The platform is designed to help companies accelerate their cloud initiatives as well as their adoption of containers and orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Amazon ECS.

Product or Service Overview

Harness Cloud Cost Management helps you understand and optimize your cloud costs. It specializes in providing visibility and cost savings for Kubernetes without requiring engineers to tag resources, in addition to supporting AWS, GCP, and Azure. Customers are getting more value out of their cloud and containers, while putting in less effort. One customer, Relativity, was able to reduce their cloud spend by $8,000 per day – saving them $3M over 5 months.

Harness Cloud Cost Management current supports 3 core use cases:

  • Cost Visibility: Out of the box granular visibility into container costs on Kubernetes (and Amazon ECS) for any business context, with no tagging required.
  • Cost Savings: Dramatically reduce container cloud costs and eliminate end-of-month cost spike surprises.
  • Cost Forecasting: Avoid budget overruns and confidently predict future cloud costs for simplified capacity planning, and achieve predictable cloud costs.

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