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Hitachi is aiming to support people’s well-being and achieve a sustainable future, together with its three growth drivers (digital, green and innovation) for further advances and growth in the Social Innovation Business.

Product or Service Overview

Hitachi Application Reliability Centers:
In the Hitachi Application Reliability Centers (HARC) service’s cloud cost management service, we leverage FinOps to support the optimization of cloud costs in your multi-cloud environment through three phases: current cloud cost analysis, proposal/implementation of measures, and continuous cost monitoring/management. Specifically, we promote concrete actions towards cost optimization, such as understanding the total cost of ownership and benchmarking against competitors to clarify the current situation, as well as driving actions such as right-sizing resources and changing instance types. Moreover, we achieve continuous cloud cost management by collaborating not only with the customer’s IT system department but also with the finance department and service delivery department. This enables the optimization of overall cloud operational costs.

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