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Lightrun is a platform for dynamic code instrumentation and real-time observability. It allows developers to insert logs into running apps in production to monitor, debug, and resolve issues. With Lightrun’s dynamic log capability developers can add incredibly precise, conditional log statements into a running application at any point and eliminate most logs, instead adding new, granular log statements as and when they need them. This massively reduces logging volumes and costs. The solution is SaaS based and available through IDE plugins so developers can easily get started and realize value.

Product or Service Overview

Lightrun developer native observability platform lets developers easily debug the most complex applications directly from their IDEs through robust plugins. The platform is 100% SaaS, Secured and certified for ISO-27001, SOC2 Type II, HIPAA & GDPR. Customers that uses Lightrun were able to reduce log volumes by 60% and logging costs by up to 31% while reducing their Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) of production defects. Lightrun is a proud Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner.
The platform consists of the following components:

  • Lightrun Management Portal that communicates with the IDE running agents and performs the required actions to gather Logs, Snapshots, and Performance Metrics
  • Lightrun Agents – the SDK that Lightrun uses to instrument the app that is running and enable the virtual breakpoints (snapshot), and other observability needs
  • The IDE Plugins – Lightrun offers a list of highly robust plugins for both VS Code,, IntelliJ, WebStorm, and PyCharm and supports the following programming languages – Node.JS, Java, and Python.
    Lightrun supports the following use cases while enabling cost avoidance around logging:
  • Production debugging
  • Kobernetes Debugging
  • Serverless app debugging
  • Feature Flag/Progressive Delivery Debugging

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