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Liquid Reply GMBH

Liquid Reply GMBH

Liquid Reply is a Reply Group Company specialized in Container Orchestration, Cloud Native Development & FinOps, focusing on optimization of cloud infrastructure, management & governance to achieve excellence in our customer’s cloud journey. It empowers decision makers and influencers within enterprises to address cloud spend complexity so they can leverage their full cloud resource potentials.

Product or Service Overview

Liquid Reply supports their partners to embrace the ever-changing IT universe as a part of their own DNA. The team ensures full cloud native potential by providing a holistic approach to people, systems and multi as well as hybrid cloud strategies.

The Liquid Reply FinOps expert team offers consulting and training to companies.

The end-to-end consulting service starts with an assessment of the FinOps practice by our maturity assessment. This results in a ready-to-use report with specific recommended courses of action. Consequently, it is used to develop a FinOps strategy, which is then implemented in collaboration between Liquid Reply and the customer. Through the FinOps implementation phase, Liquid provides ongoing training or coaching of the customer’s employees to further advance the FinOps culture and individual Best Practices.

Trainings and Assessments by Liquid Reply are also provided separately.

Liquid Reply’s expertise as FinOps Consultants makes them company’s Trusted Advisor to align interests of business, finance and IT and drive the change from within.

Cloud Cost Optimization Services in a nutshell:

• FinOps Concierge Service (End to End FinOps Consulting and Implementation)

• Business Analytics (Status Assessment, Management Anaylsis, …)

• FinOps Training (Introductory courses, Customized Trainings, …)

Kubernetes Offering:

• Cost Optimization

• Engineering

• Consulting

• Trainings

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