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Lucidity has pioneered the Industry’s first multi-cloud storage Auto-Scaler to completely automate your provisioning worries and help reduce your bill by up to 70%. It unlocks your block storage capabilities making it reliable, performant, and economical with zero DevOps efforts.

Product or Service Overview

Our industry-first Auto-Scaler solution can monitor disk utilization and automatically resize storage volumes, optimizing resource allocation and cost efficiency.

  1. Reduce storage costs by up to 70% Ensure a healthy disk utilization of 75-80% so that your applications have the necessary resources to function effectively while reducing costs.
  2. Seamless shrinking and expansion of live disk in 30 Sec notice Expand or shrink your disks without any downtime or necessary buffer time
  3. Minimal DevOps effort required Onboarding the Auto-scaler only takes 3 clicks and only 15 minutes and you can see ROI from day 1

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