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Neos provides business solutions and services covering System Infrastructure, Rapid Application Development, Data Analytics, and Cloud Integration based on relational and Big Data platforms in Multicloud and On-premise environments. Our solutions provide business improvement by implementing Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and other cutting-edge technologies, turning new technologies into real business value.

Product or Service Overview

CloudVane is a cloud cost management and automation solution that consolidates your multicloud cost and usage data. It enables overall visibility of cost so enterprises, organisations and start-ups can better manage their cloud resources through advanced automation and scheduling, cost allocation, recommendations, reports and other features.

CloudVane is rooted in FinOps, emerging practice area that brings financial accountability to the variable model spend of the cloud and helps enterprises master the unit economics of cloud.

By implementing FinOps methodology through CloudVane features, every customer is facilitated to introduce the best FinOps practices into their company or organisation in the simplest way possible.

Key Features:
– Automated Chargeback Process
– Multicloud Support
– Cloud Resources Automation
– Exclusive Deployment Option
– Internal Cloud Marketplace Support

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