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Pelanor is committed to demystifying cloud management for platform and business leaders in today’s complex digital landscape. Recognizing the challenges posed by the intricacies of modern cloud infrastructures, our mission is to deliver clarity and actionable insights into cloud costs. We focus on simplifying the cloud experience through powerful automation tools and a sleek user interface, ensuring organizations of all sizes can navigate their cloud journey with ease. By handling the intricate aspects of cloud management, Pelanor enables clients to concentrate on their core business objectives, providing a streamlined and efficient path to understanding and optimizing cloud resources.

Product or Service Overview

Pelanor offers a comprehensive cloud cost management solution, targeting organizations with significant cloud infrastructure. It provides deep insights into cloud expenditures, especially in shared environments like Kubernetes, databases, and SaaS services. Pelanor stands out by syncing billing data with business needs, enabling accurate cost allocation and promoting a culture of cost accountability. It offers a unified cloud environment view, aiding decision-making and financial risk management. Pelanor enhances ROI analysis and fosters efficient resource, offering unmatched contextual insights and automated cost allocation. Pelanor is a key tool for firms seeking to understand and manage cloud costs for better business alignment and profitability.

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