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Pepperdata is the only cost optimization solution that delivers up to 47% greater cost savings—continuously and in real -time—on Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS with no application changes or manual tuning. Our customers include top enterprises such as Citibank, T-Mobile, Autodesk, Securonix, Royal Bank of Canada, and those in the Fortune 5.

Product or Service Overview

PEPPERDATA CAPACITY OPTIMIZER CLASSIC analyzes the resource usage of each of your cluster’s nodes in real time and uses machine learning to make thousands of resource allocation decisions per second. It identifies where more work can be done and adds tasks to nodes with available resources. The result: CPU, memory, and I/O resources are autonomously optimized to increase utilization, and waste is eliminated in both Kubernetes and traditional (Hadoop/YARN) big data environments.

PEPPERDATA CAPACITY OPTIMIZER NEXT GEN is the modern solution for eliminating cloud cost savings immediately for either microservices or Spark workloads. Bring the rigor of financial accountability to the variable cost model of the cloud—autonomously, continuously, and in real time. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen helps you realize immediate cost savings by driving efficient resource utilization, eliminating manual tuning and application code changes, and enabling you to control your optimization level based on your unique performance SLAs.

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