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Platform9 empowers DevOps, FinOps, and Platform Engineering teams to deploy, manage and run highly efficient cloud infrastructure anywhere, eliminating operational hurdles and cost concerns, and freeing developers and data scientists to innovate.

Product or Service Overview

Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) maximize EKS utilization and reduce costs by 50% — automatically. Designed for DevOps/FinOps teams, EMP dramatically improves your EKS cluster CPU and memory utilization – with zero app/pod disruptions and no changes required to your app resource configuration set by the developers. EMP deploys an alternate virtualization layer, using AWS Bare Metal underneath, creating “Elastic VMs” (EVMs), that look and feel exactly like regular EC2 VMs. Behind the scenes, EVMs are optimized for best resource utilization. EMP packs more EVMs on fewer bare metal nodes, based on actual VM resource usage metrics. This eliminates both the bin-packing overhead and the need to tweak your application’s resource requirements. When the resource usage for the EVMs on a bare metal node starts going up, EMP will “live migrate” some EVMs to another Bare Metal server. This is done using real-time metrics and historical usage trend pattern. Your pods stay alive without churn and app SLA is not compromised. Achieve over 70% utilization using EMP. It’s unique approach works at the virtualization and Bare Metal layers, achieving utilization gains not possible with any other existing tools or technologies.EMP is 100% compatible with EKS and AWS infrastructure You can continue to use AWS services like EBS, EFS, and VPC. No changes are needed to existing operational tooling, automation, or upgrade processes. EMP’s EVMs can also operate in parallel to EC2 instances.

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