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Founded in 1998, Serviceware is trusted by 1000+ global enterprises to build IT excellence and accelerate value from every technology purchase. Serviceware is a leading tool for the financial management of your IT and shared services, giving a holistic/transparent view of IT costs, eliminating guesswork. Cloud Cost Management and FinOps included.

Product or Service Overview

FinOps, Cloud Economics and Technology Business Management. Save 10% of your total IT spend with Serviceware’s ITFM solution. Gain a holistic view of cloud economics and how much you’re actually spending on cloud provisions.

Realize cloud cost savings of up to 40% with native access AWS Cost Explorer & MS Azure Cost Management. Right-size your resources and find ineffective Shadow IT. Get clear insights to assist in cost optimization, enhanced governance and establish Cloud Center of Excellence. Tanzu CloudHealth integration completes the functional power.

Seamlessly integrate the Serviceware IT Financial Management and Cloud Cost Management solution into your existing cost model. Or, with the Serviceware Digital Value Model approach, you can immediately generate insights and analyses of your cloud spend through an out-of-the-box integration into Technology Business Management.

Ensure combined strategic outcomes such as Cloud Total Cost of Ownership, Cloud Chargeback and Cloud Planning.

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