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StormForge automates Kubernetes resource efficiency at scale, using machine learning to optimize cloud native environments for cost and performance, enabling developers to focus on innovation.


Product or Service Overview

Inefficient Kubernetes and application configurations result in millions of dollars in wasted cloud resources, business-impacting performance and availability issues, and thousands of hours of lost productivity every year.

StormForge uses patent-pending machine learning to turn observability into actionability. In pre-production, StormForge supports experimentation to ensure Kubernetes apps are configured optimally before deployment. In production, StormForge continuously right-sizes applications to ensure resource usage and costs are minimized without sacrificing application performance. StormForge accelerates your competitive advantage by allowing developers to focus on innovating, not tuning or troubleshooting Kubernetes.


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Contribution Areas

  • WG-reducing-waste
  • SIG-containers


  • Platform Provider
  • Service Provider
  • Supports: AWS, Azure, Data Center, GCP, Oracle, Private Cloud