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StormForge Optimize Live continuously rightsizes Kubernetes workloads to ensure cloud-native applications are both cost effective and performant while removing developer toil.


Product or Service Overview

As a vertical rightsizing solution, Optimize Live is autonomous, tunable, and works seamlessly with the Kubernetes horizontal pod autoscaler (HPA) at enterprise scale.

Optimize Live addresses both over- and under-provisioned workloads by analyzing usage data with advanced machine learning to recommend optimal resource requests and limits. Recommendations can be deployed automatically on a flexible schedule, accounting for changes in traffic patterns or application resource requirements, ensuring that workloads are always right-sized and freeing developers from the toil and cognitive load of infrastructure sizing.

Optimize Live was built with ease of use as a core tenet to ensure platform owners get quick time to value across scaled estates intuitively as they seek to improve reliability, reduce the overhead of their environment, and save developers from manual toil. 

Organizations see immediate benefits — with cost savings of 40-60% from reducing wasted resources, and performance improvements across the entire estate from rightsizing underprovisioned workloads.

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