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Strategic Blue Services Limited

Strategic Blue Services Limited

Strategic Blue gives you Reserved Instance and Savings Plan savings without the management overhead or the constraints of standard 1 and 3-year commitment terms. We’ll release your time and money so that your team has the freedom to focus on priorities like innovation, growth, or other areas of cost optimization.

Save time | Save money | Build flexibility

Strategic Blue is GDPR compliant and has ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 (sustainability).

Product or Service Overview

Reserved Instances and Savings Plan commitments offer a great way to reduce cloud costs. There is a lot of complexity in making the best use of these to maximize savings without producing lock-in to particular services or cloud spends.

Our Automate Service Plan takes this management off your hands. You automatically benefit from the suite of tools we’ve developed in-house which analyze your usage and manage the buying, selling, and conversion of commitments for you.

We can do this at a greater frequency and accuracy than is possible using traditional commitment management approaches so you access the best discount rates from great commitment coverage and utilization. Our approach uses all the various forms of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans, with their different pros and cons and a range of risk management strategies, including the use of our wider customer usage portfolio to give you the best overall discounts and flexibility.

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