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Established in 2009 (as ITEXACT), Surveil focuses on the surfacing and application of cloud analytics to highlight opportunities for cost, resource, and security optimisation. Our team is proudly global, well-experienced in data and analytics, and all share the same passion for leveraging data and analytics in alignment with the FinOps principles.

Product or Service Overview

Surveil is a cloud optimisation platform that provides in-depth actionable insights from a user’s Microsoft 365 or Azure environment. Surveil returns insights quickly and securely, using read-only access. The platform has been developed with productivity and ease in mind, surfacing analytics beyond what is possible natively and displaying them on easy-to-understand dashboards.

Our platform is primarily used to identify opportunities to optimise costs and resources (virtual machines, licences, third party applications etc.), but also provides insights into security, collaboration, devices, solution adoption, and governance approaches. While already reflective of the processes, Surveil’s latest iteration formalises its alignment with the core FinOps principles to underpin activity with intelligence.

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