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Synyega are the UK’s leading independent privately owned ITAM and FinOps consulting organisation. Synyega has brought together industry leading experts in every field we work in including FinOps, building an environment where these skills can support our client with absolute integrity is at the core of everything we do. For more information visit or contact us via email at

Product or Service Overview

Synyega, with our team of certified practitioners, professionals and trainers have developed a range of services to help an organisation no matter where they are on their FinOps journey. FinOps revolves around a cycle of assess – optimize – operate all of which have their own requirements and skillsets for successful delivery. These step through 3 maturity phases; crawl, walk and run. Organisations often make the mistake of trying to run too soon, while a gradual iterative approach is where best results are found. Our services help clients engage with the principles of FinOps, implementing practices that deliver a culture of ownership and accountability that drive value and return from their investments in cloud.

Our services help clients optimise their on-going consumption of cloud services, minimising its financial and environment impact.

No matter where you are on your journey or level of maturity we are here to help you, our services include health checks, maturity assessments, advisory and tooling services and a range of managed services that includes flexible access to FinOps resources. We also offer a range of training for certification. Visit

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