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Ternary is the world’s first native FinOps cloud cost optimization tool. Built for Google Cloud on Google Cloud. Make better decisions. Spend wisely and build a culture of accountability, collaboration, and trust between Finance and Engineering teams.

Product or Service Overview

Ternary is the world’s first GCP FinOps cloud cost visualization and optimization platform providing deep insight into spending trends, optimization opportunities, budget tracking, anomaly detection and usage discounts. Ternary Role Based Access and fine-grained permissions provides flexibility to tailor the user experience to his or her persona and function such as finance, technology or business. Dashboards and cost reports follow the persona throughout Ternary surfacing data most meaningful to making business decisions. In addition to the native GCP labels, Custom Labels allow the persona to model and align the billing data with the organization structure such as lines of business or cost centers. Storage and Compute optimization opportunities surfaced in Ternary are easily assignable for review, action and collaboration all managed within Ternary. Teams are able to visually model and identify compute and memory usage discounts using the Ternary Committed Use Discount Optimizer.

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