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Cloud Financial Intelligence. Better.

Ternary helps you shine light on your variable cloud-based spend so that you can visualize, attribute, share, understand, and optimize it—all while accelerating innovation.

Product or Service Overview

Ternary provides industry-leading features to help engineering, finance, and FinOps teams analyze their multi-cloud spend and maximize profitability. Built for infinite scale, its API-first platform is the world’s first native FinOps cloud cost optimization tool.

Ternary supports organizations at all stages of their FinOps and cloud-adoption journey, and its customers include the largest consumer corporations and enterprises. As a FinOps Foundation Certified Platform, Ternary empowers organizations to:

  • Know who spent what, when, and where on cloud resources, with industry-leading attribution and cost sharing
  • Supercharge collaboration between finance, engineering, and FinOps teams
  • Help these teams take action on data, with optimization recommendations
  • Leverage AI-powered, human-tunable insights across multi-cloud spend, whichever cloud service provider(s) the organization uses
  • Leverage FinOps Foundation-backed tools (e.g., FOCUS) to unify disparate sources of multi-cloud billing data in one dataset
  • Participate in rapid innovation, responsive to customer feedback
  • Access transparent pricing, with no extra charges for data overage or professional services
  • Stay informed about cloud industry developments and FinOps best practices, with  thought leadership from the company’s team of FinOps early adopters and experts

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