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IBM Turbonomic

IBM Turbonomic

The IBM® Turbonomic® platform provides continuous optimization that you can safely automate in real time to help ensure your applications always perform while minimizing costs. This makes it an ideal platform for cloud operations and engineering teams adopting FinOps to improve their cloud cost management and get the most out of their cloud resources. Unlike other optimization solutions, automation on the Turbonomic platform can be operationalized. This helps ensure that cloud, ITOps and FinOps teams achieve tangible outcomes, like cutting cloud spend by 33% and achieving 471% ROI over three years.

Product or Service Overview

Optimize your cloud environment

Cloud optimization
Turbonomic software contextualizes cloud resourcing data and generates trustworthy resourcing actions across compute, storage and DBaaS that you can automate to continuously optimize cloud usage and reduce cloud bills. Turbonomic software also provides scaling actions based on historical utilization metrics, so you can take full advantage of your existing reserved instances inventory and committed use discounts, and maximize reservation-to-VM coverage.

Turbonomic software supports AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Kubernetes optimization
Continuous optimization, from apps to platform to infrastructure, unlocks cloud-native elasticity at every layer of the stack. With Turbonomic software you can minimize the labor and costs associated with Kubernetes and maximize your ROI.

Turbonomic software supports all upstream versions of Kubernetes including EKS, GKE, AKS and Red Hat® OpenShift®.

Data center optimization
Safely automate the resourcing of your virtualized and private cloud infrastructure to help ensure performance at the lowest cost. Key resourcing actions include continuous compute and storage placement, VM rightsizing, capacity management, supercluster optimization and more.

Cloud migration planning optimization
The Turbonomic platform’s data center optimization allows for more effective use of existing assets. Its application-driven planning capabilities determine which workloads are best suited for the cloud to help ensure efficient consumption immediately after migration.

PaaS optimization
Maximize the business value of platform as a service (PaaS) through dynamic scaling of Microsoft Azure App Service plans, Azure SQL and Amazon RDS database resources. Help ensure applications get exactly the resources they need while eliminating wasted database capacity and empty ASPs.

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