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USU Software AG

USU Software AG

USU is a leading technology solutions and service provider specializing in Cloud and SaaS Management, IT Service Management, IT Monitoring, and Digital Consulting. Headquartered with a 45-years track record of excellence and 800+ employees worldwide, USU is the go-to partner for hundreds of enterprises all over the world.

Product or Service Overview

Cloud Cost Management
USU Cloud Cost Management delivers daily insights into cloud instance usage to recommend savings options for reserved and on-demand resources. A strategic resource allocation approach ensures you’re not paying for what you don’t use, aligning your cloud resource consumption with actual needs and unlocking savings up to 30%.

SaaS Management
USU’s SaaS Optimization tool provides full visibility of SaaS environments with options for instant cost optimization. With 150+ integrated connectors directly connected to the provider’s APIs, we pull relevant data directly from common cloud products such as M365, Salesforce, SAP, VMWare, and more.

IT Financial Management
USU IT Financial Management provides comprehensive support for IT cost planning, budgeting, controlling, and charging, whether your costs are incurred on-premises or in the cloud. Our experts advise you on alignment with the FinOps framework and the transformation of your IT processes to the TBM financial model.

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