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Virtasant is a cloud technology company that specializes in helping organizations leverage the power of public cloud platforms. The company’s mission is to provide organizations with the ability to drive outcomes on-demand by leveraging Virtasant’s proprietary methods, tools, and automation, supported by a highly-vetted global network of experts.

Product or Service Overview

Virtasant Helias stands alone as the world’s only complete FinOps Solution, empowering companies to drive down costs and maximize cloud efficiency across both public and private clouds.

At the heart of our solution is a powerful platform that utilizes proprietary algorithms to provide visibility, insights, and detailed recommendations, yielding real and tangible results. Recognizing that true success encompasses more than technology alone, our global team of experts is ready to support companies with engineering guidance, FinOps expertise, a proven delivery model, and program execution— all included at no extra cost.

Our program setup and modular approach ensure seamless integration, while our global support team is available 24/7 for assistance.

As a living system, Helias constantly adapts and evolves. It uses automation to analyze spending patterns, learning and fine-tuning its approach to deliver the most relevant and impactful recommendations that cut through the noise. It seamlessly executes the proposed changes, eliminating the need for manual intervention and saving engineering valuable time and resources.

Virtasant Helias offers a comprehensive suite of features, including visibility and showback, recommendations and workflow management, Kubernetes tuning, budgeting capabilities, and AI-driven forecasting models that help cost optimization and maximize efficiency with ease.

Our offering is outcome-based: our fees are based on results, not software licenses or billable hours. Our proven methods and experience ensure success, and we guarantee it. If your cloud spend doesn’t decrease and cloud efficiency doesn’t improve, you don’t pay.

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