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Transforming IT and cloud cost management, YäRKEN provides transparent tracking for both cloud and non-cloud expenditures. It automates cost allocation, optimizes resources, and aligns spending with business value, empowering informed decisions and enhancing financial literacy to maximize investment value and realize savings.

Product or Service Overview

YäRKEN is a cloud and IT financial management platform for digital enterprises, streamlining cloud migration, cost management, and IT planning. It offers insights into consumption, cost, and value outcomes for cloud and on-premise environments. Key features include:

  • Unique Business Case tracking capabilities with scenario planning for moving workloads into the cloud
  • Improving accountability and efficiency through showback and chargeback.
  • Optimizing cloud Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with insights into costs and ROI strategies.
  • Tracking and managing labor and software spending for a comprehensive IT financial view.
  • Providing cloud forecast tools for better budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Automating budgeting and resource allocation for operational efficiency.

YäRKEN supports multi-cloud and on-prem management, offering a unified view of technology investments to manage costs, optimize resources, and drive business value.

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