Finout is the first self-service, zero-code, cloud cost observability platform that combines business metrics with your cost, slicing it up to customers, features and unit metrics.

We Integrate with cloud providers, data warehouses and observability platforms to correlate and analyze cost into business KPIs , wrapped up as a modern-day ERP system.

Product or Service Overview

Finout’s platform integrates with multiple cloud providers, data warehouses and observability platforms. We meet the customers where they are, integrating the cloud bill from their provider with the BI system of their choice (Snowflake and Datadog for example) in order to make the integration as seamless as possible.

By analyzing, filtering and amortizing cloud cost, Finout creates a logical subset that represents all of your business use cases and their costs.

Analyzing, filtering and amortizing cloud cost, Matching them against the KPIs and Creating the business context that calculates the price per unit.

Presenting a dashboard with price per unit for each service, investigation and research, insights, and billing.

Following an AI-based analysis, FinOut provides users with a clear and insightful reports of their cloud usage, as well as the prices of every customer, feature, segment, product and business unit. FinOut promises fair and transparent pricing.

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