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Doubling Down on the Importance of Clean FinOps Data

Date: February 5, 2024 Video: 23 minutes

Key Insight

Microsoft is expanding the cost and usage data available in the portal so that FinOps practitioners can gain insights that improve their practice.


Education: Microsoft wants to help organizations learn how to adopt FinOps. While tools help with implementing FinOps, the cultural shift can be more difficult, so Microsoft is focusing on teaching people about the collaboration that is required to be successful with FinOps.

Data: Having the right data is critical, so Microsoft wants to deliver more insights to the practitioner, with less effort required. Recent improvements include:

Combining the data that Microsoft has and merging it with your own usage data unlocks fundamental FinOps use-cases like cost allocation and unit cost economics.

FOCUS: Microsoft has a few different types of customer accounts (MCA, EA, Pay-as-you-Go), and FOCUS normalizes the billing export across these account types. FOCUS also combines actual and amortized costs into one dataset, drastically reducing the cost of compute and storage needed to process this data.

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