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Anodot seamlessly combines all of your cloud spend into a single platform. Monitor and optimize your cloud cost and resource utilization across AWS, GCP, and Azure. Deep dive into your data details and get a clear picture of how your infrastructure and economies are changing.

Product or Service Overview

Anodot provides versatile tools that help FinOps practitioners continuously optimize their cloud investments to drive strategic business initiatives.

Anodot generates personalized insights using a robust library of savings recommendations — more than 60 types for AWS — which are continuously updated to consider the newest releases and innovations from the major cloud service providers.

Anodot keeps a complete history of recommendations and actions taken. You can visualize the impact of every change before and after it has been implemented. You can tune recommendations based on organizational preferences, snooze them, or reject them outright.

Unlike any other cloud cost management platform, Anodot provides granular insight into your Kubernetes deployments. With Anodot’s powerful algorithms and multidimensional filters, you can analyze your performance in depth and identify underutilization at the node and pod level, as well as track your spending and usage across clusters with detailed reports and dashboards. 

With Anodot business mapping at their fingertips, FinOps teams can increase engineering confidence in cloud spending decisions and improve financial accountability. Using Anodot’s robust cost and usage explorer, Finance and DevOps stakeholders can easily understand and visualize where spend is coming from, track total cloud costs by business dimension over time, identify costs yet to be allocated, drive showback and chargeback processes, and make smart decisions about cloud investments.

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