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Infracost creates cloud cost estimates for infrastructure in pull requests, so developers know how much their cloud resources will cost before launching them. It looks at the Pull Request and leaves a comment like ‘this change will increase your AWS bill by 25% next month’. This creates a more cost-aware engineering culture.


Product or Service Overview

Infracost is an Open Source tool that creates cost estimates for Terraform in VSCode, CLI and also integrates with CI/CD systems like GitHub Actions, GitLab, Atlantis and others. It sits directly in your workflow and tells you the cost increase or decrease impact of each resource being changed. This creates a more cost-aware engineering culture.

Infracost Cloud is our SaaS solution designed for team leads, managers, and FinOps leads. It provides an overview of all changes that are upcoming, who is making the change, what is being changed and how much that change will cost. This enables them to set expectations of bill increases, and also to take action before money has been spent. Making cloud cost management proactive instead of reactive after the money has been spent.

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  • Supports: AWS, Azure, GCP