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Infracost shifts cloud costs left and makes FinOps proactive. It sits in the engineering workflow (CI/CD), and shows the cost impact of code changes (IaC) before the code is shipped to production. This catches costly mistakes before any money has been spent. It also checks to make sure all resources are tagged with your set tagging policy, and runs checks on the code against our FinOps policy packs, ensuring best practices are followed (e.g. GP2 volumes should be GP3).

This creates a cost-aware engineering culture.


Product or Service Overview

Infracost offers three main products, all aiming at shifting cloud costs left.

1. Infracost VSCode extension
This is a plugin that your engineers can use. It installs directly into their VSCode editor, and as they write Infrastructure Code, it tells them the cost impact of the code they are writing. This replaces the need for engineers to visit cloud provider calculator website, and reading through pricing page to understand pricing. This saves your engineers time.

2. Infracost CI/CD
Infracost installs into your GitHub or GitLab environments, and when a code change is proposed (Pull Request), it automatically posts a comment with the cost impact (increase and decrease) of the code change. It also checks the code against best practice policies, and ensures all resources are tagged according to your FinOps tag policy.

3. Infracost Cloud
Infracost Cloud is the central management and automation product. This is where FinOps teams see all changes to the code being made, and can set budget thresholds to kick off approval workflows before money is spent; define tagging policies and see all resources that are failing; and review all the best practice policy packs.

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