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ProsperOps delivers a fully autonomous cost optimization service for AWS that maximizes your savings and minimizes commitment risk with zero ongoing effort. You automatically achieve effective saving rates of 40+% (placing you in the 99th percentile of optimizers) with commitments that dynamically adapt to usage changes in real-time.

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AWS tends to be one of the largest line items in a company’s cost structure and compute typically makes up 60% of the bill. AWS provides multiple financial tools to reduce spend, but each approach has different trade-offs. Companies either undersave, leaving money on the table, or take too much risk, and end up overcommitted.

With ProsperOps, algorithms autonomously manage an always optimized commitment portfolio that dynamically adapts to your changing cloud usage patterns. You automatically achieve effective savings rates of 40+% (placing you in the 99th percentile of AWS optimizers) with no ongoing effort. Come find out why some of the world’s best brands trust ProsperOps to manage savings on $500M of cloud spend.

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