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Unravel Data

Unravel Data

Unravel Data is the data observability and FinOps platform for the modern data stack. Unravel enables speed and scale on modern data platforms like Databricks and Snowflake through performance and efficiency, enabled by purpose-built AI. Unravel enables cost allocation, chargeback, user-level budgets, and automated governance for predictable spend.

Product or Service Overview

The Unravel platform harnesses full-stack visibility, contextual awareness, AI-powered intelligence, and automation to go “beyond observability”—to not only show you what’s going on, but why and exactly how to make things better and then keep them that way proactively.

Unravel’s lightweight agentless design uses native APIs and non-intrusive custom micro-sensors to automatically gather metadata across your data stack.

AI and machine learning algorithms analyze millions of details in context to detect anomalous behavior in real time, pinpoint root causes in milliseconds, and automatically provide prescriptive recommendations on where and how to change configurations, containers, code, resource allocation, and more.

Automated guardrails and governance rules trigger alerts when violated—you can even have Unravel take autonomous corrective actions on your behalf. AI recommendations empower junior engineers and non-experts to make expert-level optimizations confidently on their own.

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