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FinOps Foundation Projects Overview

Working Groups & Special Interest Groups

Graduated Projects

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What are Working Groups?

FinOps Foundation Working Groups (WGs) are small (think two-pizza team), cross-functional groups of people producing best practices for a specific FinOps capability or challenge. They operate in 6-8 week sprints and have their content published by the FinOps Foundation to contribute towards building the FinOps community, advancing FinOps practitioners in their practice and establishing FinOps best practices and standards.

What are Special Interest Groups?

FinOps Foundation Special Interest Groups (SIGs) represent supplementary communities within the FinOps Foundation that are organized around industry, regions, or other topics of interest related to FinOps. SIGs provide opportunities for practioner connection, exploration of topics, and share knowledge between those involved. SIGs can host meet-ups to encourage members to come together. SIGs can also form their own WGs to create content for their area of interest or regionally adapt FinOps Foundation content their needs (for example: creating non-english content translations).

Want more information?

For more information about FinOps Foundation Working Groups and Special Interest Groups, visit our FAQ page here.

Not sure where to start?

Email or in the slack channel #ask-a-question to get plugged in to the right area.


The FinOps Framework

How to contribute

FinOps has become a required practice at many large organizations, but it’s also a nascent discipline and constantly evolving with cloud. This means that its best practices and principles will change over time as practitioners learn new skills, make new discoveries, and find new ways to better operationalize cloud cost management.

The open source FinOps Framework documents these changes with contributions from FinOps practitioners. This could be adding a FinOps story to one of our projects, fixing a simple typo or helping add completely new content.

How to submit changes to the FinOps Framework

If you see something that needs to be updated, augmented, or removed, we want to hear about it. This project is by the community and for the community and your voice matters.

There are multiple ways to submit changes:

  • Submit an update via the website page using the button ‘Make Suggestion’ this automatically creates a GitHub issue
  • Create an issue directly via GitHub
  • Make a commit using the GitHub GUI and submit it for review
  • Reach out to the members and team in the #framework slack channel

Review process

Changes to each respective section of this site will be reviewed during FinOps Foundation team meetings, or meetings with the Technical Advisory Council. During these council meetings, commits and Pull Requests can be reviewed and voted upon to be merged.

The FinOps Foundation team uses automation tools to rebuild the site multiple times a week to capture the latest changes or to make small updates to maintain the site.

Review cycles and timing

The FinOps Foundation’s core operating members maintain the organization as a business. Its technical components, however, must be reviewed and voted upon by a greater group of community members. These meetings are scheduled throughout the month and the timeliness of reviewing commits and changes will vary depending on when these meetings occur.

Issues and small changes like link fixes and typos might occur immediately, as those don’t require a significant amount of code review, voting, and/or approval.