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1Nebula is a leading technology expense management and cloud software development company. We help companies unlock their infinite potential by leveraging our SaaS platforms, such as our cloud expense management platform OneView® CEM, and our leading FinOps practices.

Product or Service Overview

OneView® is an all-in-one Cloud Expense Management Platform enabling FinOps within your business by having tailored visibility across your multi-cloud environment to track and forecast your cloud spend. With advanced analytics, OneView® helps you stay informed, optimize your cloud environment and implement FinOps best practices.

Benefits include:

  1. Comparison of budget and actual spend, per month and year to date.
  2. Detailed analysis of cloud spend per cost centre and resource group or account.
  3. Accurate cost allocation of cloud spend per billing period.
  4. Identification of unnecessary and redundant cloud resource costs.
  5. The ability to tag and track specific cost centres, resource groups, or projects.

OneView® enables automated data collection, enrichment, and verification of enterprise usage, spend and resource allocation. OneView® also integrates with your 3rd party business applications to take the complexity out of managing your multi-cloud environment.

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