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FinOps Executive Persona


Executives like a VP/Head of Infrastructure, Head of Cloud Center of Excellence, CTO or CIO focus on driving accountability and building transparency, ensuring teams are being efficient and not exceeding budgets.

FinOps Product Owner Persona

Business/Product Owner

Business and Product Owner team members, such as Director of Cloud Optimization, Cloud Analyst, Business Operations Manager.

FinOps engineer Persona

Engineering and Operations

Engineers and ops team members, such as Lead Software Engineer, Principal Systems Engineer, Cloud Architect, Service Delivery Manager, Engineering Manager, or Director of Platform Engineering, focus on building and supporting services for the organization. Cost is introduced as a metric in the same way other performance metrics are tracked and monitored. Teams consider the efficient design and use of resources via such activities as rightsizing (the process of resizing cloud resources to better match the workload requirements), allocating container costs, finding unused storage and compute, and identifying whether spending anomalies are expected.

FinOps finance Persona


Finance and procurement team members, including Technology Procurement Manager, Global Technology Procurement, Financial Planning and Analyst Manager, and Financial Business Advisor, use the reporting provided by the FinOps team for accounting and forecasting. They work closely with FinOps practitioners to understand historic billing data so that they can build out more accurate cost models. They use their forecasts and expertise from the FinOps team to engage in rate negotiations with cloud service providers.

FinOps Team Structures


The above diagram demonstrates how, for organizations operating on the FinOps model, a cross-functional team known as a Cloud Cost Center of Excellence (CCoE) interacts with the rest of the business to manage the cloud strategy, governance, and best practices that the rest of the organization can leverage to transform the business using the cloud.