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A technology & services company that equips organizations to be efficient, agile and innovative, and helps their people to be productive, creative and happier at work. Strategists, architects and boots on the ground—we’re a team that believes in the potential of organizations and people that technology can unlock. Potential to be future-ready right now. Potential to grow and thrive.

To make this happen, our multi-disciplinary teams work with organizations to fully realize the potential of the cloud, build the workplaces of the future and make smarter decisions about their technology portfolios.

We are catalysts, change-making for our customers to win with their customers and their people. In a hyper-competitive market, winning is not a luxury. You need to succeed in a way your customers and people can rally behind, be inspired by and share in.

We are advocates, pushing for technology professionals to win in their organizations.

For you, winning means respect for what you do. Success means your value is recognized as an asset to your organization.

We are stewards, standing proudly for our people and supporting their success.

We’re all in on creating success for one another, growing our careers and leaving a legacy we can be proud of.

Product or Service Overview

Modular services to simplify and streamline operating in the cloud

To compete today, many organizations have made the cloud a vital part of their strategy. Yet realizing the actual value of cloud services and infrastructure can be difficult. Limited IT resources, lack of standards, cloud misconfigurations and the struggle to manage costs are common barriers to reaping the full benefits of the cloud. Softchoice Cloud Management Services are modular, simple to consume and easy to combine as needed. As you progress through cloud transformation, modules can be integrated along your journey.

• Scale, analyze, govern and optimize cloud in one place & take control of your multicloud strategy with a unified multicloud management experience through a suite of capabilities that streamline the use of cloud services in support of business transformation.

• Simplify cloud operational management: get visibility into computing, network and storage resources within a single pane of glass. Automate discovery for all cloud resources with actionable data that helps you improve cost, efficiency and security.

• Standardize, automate and orchestrate across clouds: orchestrate infrastructure and automate operations across several clouds with a powerful orchestration engine. Standardize architectures within corporate guidelines for versions, patches and configuration.

• 24/7/365 cloud monitoring and management: monitor applications, cloud infrastructure and databases for performance and availability, OS patching and security events. Avoid security risks by identifying misconfigured cloud infrastructure. Improve security through ongoing best practices workshops on cloud-native security, identity and access management.

• Apply cloud identity and access management best practices: receive Identity Governance Workshops during your on-boarding to guide you through configuration and management of public cloud accounts.

• Solidify cloud governance with automation policies: control cloud usage, cost governance, operations, security and compliance. Automate alerts and actions on cost anomalies, mis-configured network options, unsecured storage or underused resources.

• Control and optimize cloud costs: gain insight into cloud spend with drill-down capability on any metric, including visibility into individual cloud resources. Show charge-back costs by project or department. Participate in ongoing sessions that provide recommendations and best practices around cloud discounts, reserved instances, RDS, cheaper regions, low account or service usage.

• Receive ongoing cloud mentorship: receive ongoing mentorship covering cloud configuration, automation and orchestration through scheduled workshop sessions with certified cloud architects for guidance on cloud planning and deployments across public, private and hybrid clouds.

• Rely on 24/7/365 live cloud technical support: work with a single point of contact and dedicated engineers for service reporting, incident and escalation management based on ITIL service management.

• Plan for ongoing cloud success: get full support for action planning aligned to your cloud maturity and unique requirements. Learn cloud best practices, explore new cloud features and get new product demonstrations through exclusive expert-led workshops.

• Protect and perfect the digital experience: ensure a consistently great digital customer experience with 24/7/365 application and cloud infrastructure availability, performance monitoring and management.

• Get to market faster: standardize and automate cloud operations across your entire organization and bring new applications and services to market faster. View, monitor and optimize all your cloud resources from a single dashboard so you can focus on the customer experience.

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