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Spot by NetApp

Spot by NetApp

Operationalize FinOps to drive continuous cost and cloud efficiency

Delivering a successful FinOps strategy within the realities of today’s complex, continuously evolving multi-cloud environments requires cost management to be inherently aligned with cloud infrastructure management processes and practices, since they are inextricably linked to and directly impact each other.

Spot by NetApp operationalizes FinOps by intelligently correlating and continuously optimizing cloud cost management together with cloud infrastructure utilizing AI/ML-driven automation. With Spot by NetApp organizations can:

  • Cut cloud spend and remove waste immediately, and continuously optimize savings over time.
  • Gain a continuously cost/resource-optimized cloud infrastructure
  • Give stakeholders actionable visibility and intelligence to drive informed business decisions.
  • Reduce risk and complexity without sacrificing flexibility and reliability or risking financial lock-in.
  • Reduce friction and remove the burden of cost management from DevOps teams, freeing them to focus on product delivery.
  • Build a culture of financial accountability and cross-functional collaboration, and align cloud spend with business priorities.

Key capabilities of Spot by NetApp for FinOps include:

  • Visibility: see and understand the cloud resources deployed and their cost, usage and waste attributes, including memory metrics to track performance, with reports, dashboards and alerts that show resources by cloud, region and service.
  • Analytics and insights: understand historical cost and resource usage and predict future needs with analytics and machine learning that incorporate cost, usage, performance and availability considerations.
  • Automation: intelligent autoscaling of cloud infrastructure based on real-time analysis of VMs and container workload requirements to optimize capacity, utilization, performance and availability, while using a cost-optimized balance of resource types and purchasing options.
  • Optimization: continuous optimization of cloud commitment purchasing to achieve maximum savings, utilization and flexibility, while reducing risk and the time spent on capacity planning.
  • Chargeback/showback: analyze and accurately allocate cloud consumption by business units, projects, teams or any other customer-defined parameters to drive better accountability across stakeholders.
  • Governance: ability to configure parameters for checks, thresholds, guardrails and parameters for automation that ensure adherence to cost and utilization targets in a consistent, governed way across teams, deployments and clouds.

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Product or Service Overview

Purpose-built to support enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) on their FinOps journey Spot by NetApp’s portfolio for FinOps brings together cost management and infrastructure optimization to operationalize FinOps. With continuous visibility, analytics and AI that delivers automated cost and resource optimization together with actionable insights, Spot by NetApp empowers FinOps stakeholders to maximize the efficiency and impact of every dollar spent in the cloud – without creating friction and overburdening teams, sacrificing flexibility, reliability or risking financial lock-in.

The Spot by NetApp portfolio for FinOps includes:

  • Spot Eco for lifecycle management of Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans, covering continuous commitment portfolio planning, purchasing, rebalancing, and optimization.
  • Cost Intelligence for interactive dashboards, deep, actionable reports, and best practice checks on costs and resources across multi-cloud environments that can be customized based on role, area of interest, and other criteria.
  • Billing Engine for streamlining invoicing and delivering comprehensive billing reporting and highly granular, intelligent cost allocation.
  • Spot Elastigroup for cost and capacity optimization of VMs that leverage the most cost-effective mix of resource types, locations, and purchasing models.
  • Spot Ocean for automation and optimization of containers and Kubernetes infrastructure, utilizing the most cost-effective mix of resource types, locations, and purchasing models.
  • CloudCheckr for cloud cost management, delivering full cost visibility, best practice checks for spend and cloud use, cost allocation and rebilling, and chargeback/showback capabilities
  • Spot Connect for streamlining orchestration, automation, and integration by providing a visual interface to connecting products and services.

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