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Thornstein Groep

Thornstein Groep

Thornstein Groep is an independent IT sourcing advisory firm with over 20 years of experience, specialized in procurement of cloud and outsourcing contracts, software licenses, compliancy claims, and cost reductions. Their experts excel in simplifying implementation and getting results for their customers. Thornstein will bridge the gap between procurement and FinOps and bring control and results for your cloud cost management.

Product or Service Overview

Welcome to Thornstein Group, your partner in FinOps, Cloud Cost Management and IT Procurement! We are a team of certified FinOps professionals who help you optimize your cloud spend and realize maximum value from your public cloud solutions.

Our approach is based on a solid methodology, in which we not only look at technical optimisations, but also at commercial opportunities to reduce your cloud costs. We have knowledge of contracts and the commercial side of cloud propositions, enabling us to help you make informed decisions for future use.

With our procurement expertise, we understand how cloud costs are impacted and how you can make this work to your advantage. We offer various services, from cloud independent consultancy to a Managed Azure FinOps service, with which we monitor your cloud spend on a continuous basis and provide you with trends, recommendations and reports with cost insights, cost allocation and forecasting.

But we go further than just providing automated reports. Our consultants also interpret this information in the context of your company and objectives, so that you can make conscious choices with regard to your cloud use and the associated costs.

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