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FinOps & Intersecting Frameworks

Related Domains

This capability examines the intersection between FinOps with other standards and frameworks used within your organization. Widespread use of public cloud creates new challenges for traditional processes and the intention for this capability is to provide a place to capture FinOps’ interactions with existing IT and financial standards being used by your organization.

    FinOps & ITAM/SAM        FinOps & TBM     FinOps & Sustainability   
    FinOps & ITSM        FinOps & ITFM   FinOps & Security     


Get Involved

Get involved and contribute to the community by sharing your real world experiences related to this Capability in the form of a story or providing a playbook for how you have implemented best practices in your organization. Your real world experiences can be provided in the context of:

  • one or more cloud providers
  • the types of cloud services used (compute, storage, database, etc…)
  • describe a combination of tooling, platform or vendor, and processes including KPIs
  • the industry the organization belongs to
  • the complexity of the organization (global enterprise, start-up, etc…)
  • the [FinOps personas]( involved / organizational roles

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