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Manage the FinOps Practice

Framework / Domains / Manage the FinOps Practice

This Domain enables continuous improvement to change and align the entire organization – its people, processes and technology – to adopt FinOps and use cloud in ways that create value for the company.

Within this Domain, Capabilities are centered on effective FinOps operation, enablement of the whole organization to get the most value from its cloud use through improved interaction with all other personas and business functions to support and represent cloud use more effectively.

Organizations take action to build and manage an effective FinOps team and culture, using training, tools, assessments, and governance to promote accountability generally across the organization, and specifically with Finance and other disciplines in the organization, which require specific FinOps data or insights to perform their broader duties.

The Capabilities in this Domain will help the organization:

  • Establish, manage, and evolve an appropriate FinOps team as cloud use matures
  • Establish, processes, policies and workflows so Core and Allied FinOps Personas are able to incorporate FinOps Capabilities into their daily activities
  • Create criteria to assess the FinOps Capabilities and set milestones in order to mature an organization’s FinOps practice
  • Develop education and training that enables Core and Allied FinOps Personas to collaborate in the practice of FinOps
  • Identify tool and service requirements to support cloud cost management activities that align with the organization’s use case needs and maturity level

This Domain directly supports these FinOps Principles:

  • A centralized team drives FinOps
  • Teams need to collaborate
  • Everyone takes ownership for their cloud usage
  • FinOps data should be accessible and timely

This Domain answers the questions:

  • What is the most effective team size and structure for our organization now?
  • What changes can I make within my organization to use the cloud more effectively?
  • How can we support all of the personas and intersecting disciplines in our organization most effectively?
  • How do we establish a healthy FinOps culture around our cloud use?