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FinOps Education & Enablement

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FinOps Education & Enablement allows all those participating in FinOps practices to increase the business value of cloud by accelerating FinOps adoption.

FinOps Education & Enablement includes:

  • Internal communications, events and learning experiences. These may focus on specific technical, financial or business topics or a combination of all three
  • Training – either function-based, technology-based, or focused on FinOps processes themselves
  • Initiatives aimed at improving the business value of cloud that give participants the opportunity to use the knowledge they have gained


Maturity Assessment


  • Education occurs within specific teams/functions themselves and focuses on the specific needs of each team
  • Covers basic FinOps processes and principles, such as Metadata & Account Organization, Cost Allocation, Ownership & Accountability
  • Education is generally directed towards Usage Optimization and Rate Optimization as the main vehicles for improving business value
  • Team Leaders drive enablement by assigning responsibilities that challenge and develop FinOps capabilities


  • Education initiatives extend across teams to promote mutual understanding, purpose and collaboration
  • Covers a broader range of FinOps processes and practices, such as Forecasting, Managing shared costs, Budget Management
  • Education of FinOps Team now includes Real-time Decision-making and Performance Tracking & Benchmarking
  • Functional Leaders drive enablement by assigning responsibilities that cross functional boundaries and emphasise collaboration


  • Education & Enablement extends across the enterprise to promote alignment of cloud value initiatives with organizational goals
  • Covers the full range of FinOps processes and practices, including those focused on establishing FinOps culture and IT asset management integration
  • Education & Enablement of FinOps Team is broadened to include Organizational Alignment
  • Executives drive enablement by assigning responsibilities that emphasize alignment with strategic goals


Functional Activity

written for each persona responsible for the functional activity and processes encapsulated by his Capability. each one should be associated generally to one of the FinOps Phases (Inform, Optimize, Operate). for example:

As a [FinOps Persona], I will [functional activity] so that [desired outcome] is achieved.


Measure(s) of Success & KPI

  • Training materials are available to every discipline, at every level to include both generic, and company specific info
  • Training is proactively offered both with internal delivery as well as access to external content as applicable
  • Employees feel empowered and encouraged to learn about their discipline and other disciplines, and to help in coaching others
  • Ongoing opportunities to learn, both formal and informal, are offered consistently over time
  • Leadership drives empowerment by promoting skills development and on-the-job learning and encouraging a ‘fail fast’ mantra



Best Practices & Approaches

  • Cross-team training and sharing of best practices
  • FinOps targeted training and enablement
  • Brown-bag/Lunch-n-Learn for cross domain training
  • Build your own use of Confluence, Sharepoint, etc. to create internal playbooks, wikis and other things that “work here”
  • Encourage collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas across different functions
  • Be mindful of providing for different learning styles and needs for different individuals


FinOps Training

FinOps Foundation

  • Details of all FinOps training programs and materials are available at

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform


Get Involved

Get involved and contribute to the community by sharing your real world experiences related to this Capability in the form of a story or providing a playbook for how you have implemented best practices in your organization. Your real world experiences can be provided in the context of:

  • one or more cloud providers
  • the types of cloud services used (compute, storage, database, etc…)
  • describe a combination of tooling, platform or vendor, and processes including KPIs
  • the industry the organization belongs to
  • the complexity of the organization (global enterprise, start-up, etc…)
  • the [FinOps personas]( involved / organizational roles

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