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Onboarding Workloads

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This capability is about establishing a cloud front door process to onboard brownfield and greenfield applications through financial viability and technical feasibility assessment criteria.


Maturity Assessment


  • Ad-hoc on-demand budgeting/requisition to onboard workloads to the cloud


  • Budgeting process mandatory but not standardized across the Business Units / Product Teams. It considers all IT requested changes


  • Well-defined process and guidelines including both financial viability and technical feasibility for preparation of deploying new projects/applications or migrating existing workloads to the cloud


Functional Activity

As someone in a Business/Product role, I will…

  • Optimize my product with new cloud capabilities to drive efficiency and agility
  • Develop new use cases to further innovate on the cloud

As someone in a Finance/FinOps role, I will…

  • Assess the financial viability of the workloads moving to the cloud
  • Capture and track cloud value benefits realization

As someone in an Engineering/Operations role, I will…

  • Assess the cloud suitability of the workloads moving to the cloud
  • Review the operational readiness to support the workloads on the cloud

As someone in an Executive role, I will…

  • Make informed decisions to prioritize workloads to move to the cloud
  • Provide strategic directions to reinvest the savings obtained from the workloads migrated to the cloud back to the business initiatives


Measure(s) of Success & KPI

Measures of success are represented in the context of cloud costs and may include one or more key performance indicators ( KPI ), describe objectives with key results ( OKR ), and declare thresholds defining outliers or acceptable variance from forecasted trends.

  • Measurement of cost efficiency through infrastructure savings, migration and support costs
  • Operational resiliency improvement in service quality and security risk posture
  • Increase time to market by accelerating fluidity in product and service delivery
  • Enable a culture of rapid experimentation to drive innovation and cloud transformation
  • Embed true environmental and social sustainability across the organization



Information used that contributes to the measure(s) of success listed above are organized across the following categories:

Category Input
Cost Efficiency – Infrastructure cost
– Support cost
– Migration / implementation cost
Resiliency – Service quality
– Security posture
– Operational stability
Velocity – Developer productivity
– Release frequency
– Business agility
Innovation – Return on innovation
– Employee experience
– Customer satisfaction
Sustainability – Carbon footprint
– Power usage effectiveness
– Circular economy

Get Involved

Get involved and contribute to the community by sharing your real world experiences related to this Capability in the form of a story or providing a playbook for how you have implemented best practices in your organization. Your real world experiences can be provided in the context of:

  • one or more cloud providers
  • the types of cloud services used (compute, storage, database, etc…)
  • describe a combination of tooling, platform or vendor, and processes including KPIs
  • the industry the organization belongs to
  • the complexity of the organization (global enterprise, start-up, etc…)
  • the [FinOps personas]( involved / organizational roles

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