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CloudKeeper is a comprehensive AWS FinOps & cost optimization solution that offers instant and guaranteed savings of up to 25% on the entire AWS bill. It has helped 300+ active FinOps customers globally and delivered over $100 mn savings with an average of 20% of savings. All this comes without any cost, account access, effort or lock-in. 

CloudKeeper is a Premier Consulting Partner, an audited Managed Services Provider and an authorized reseller of AWS. It is ranked among the Top 5 Partners Globally in the AWS Well-Architected Partners. CloudKeeper is an ISO-27001 & SOC-2 Certified Organization with 300+ AWS Certified Cloud Experts. CloudKeeper has over 12 years of experience in AWS cost optimization and FinOps.

Product or Service Overview

CloudKeeper is a comprehensive suite of AWS FinOps and cost optimization solutions. It has distinct solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of different customer segments.

CloudKeeper AZ
CloudKeeper AZ is a one-stop solution to all your FinOps challenges. The FinOps journey consists of three iterative phases – Inform, Optimize & Operate. CloudKeeper AZ is an end-to-end FinOps solution that helps customers seamlessly manage all three stages of FinOps with its savings, software, and service offerings. CloudKeeper guarantees savings of up to 25% immediately on the entire AWS bill without any commitment or extra cost. There is a contractually guaranteed savings on your entire AWS Bill. CloudKeeper AZ offers 100% coverage on RI/SP rates while you run everything on demand. The solution also provides complimentary access to CloudKeeper Lens, the proprietary AWS cost analytics platform, along with access to top FinOps experts for establishing a FinOps culture.

CloudKeeper Auto
CloudKeeper Auto is Zero touch AI-based Automated AWS RI Management Platform. It makes the process hassle-free by automating RI buying and selling as per infrastructure needs while maximizing savings on compute and RDS instances. CloudKeeper Auto offers 3-year RI-like pricing for on-demand instances with a buyback guarantee for unused inventory. 

CloudKeeper Auto is also available on the AWS Marketplace. 

CloudKeeper EDP+
Cloudkeeper helps organizations derive the best value out of the AWS Enterprise Discount Program. CloudKeeper EDP+ helps deliver the best deals for organizations interested in the AWS EDP through the most effective approaches and intelligent contract considerations right from the early stage of conversations. CloudKeeper EDP+ ensures higher discounts on the committed usage along with lower annual commit. In addition, there is a higher discount on the AWS support through a partner-led enterprise support. 

Furthermore, CloudKeeper EDP+ offers a host of other benefits including contractually guaranteed savings on AWS bills from day 1, access to CloudKeeper Lens for resource level usage insights with daily & monthly cost breakups and access to FinOps experts for periodic spend evaluations, recommendations and Well-architected reviews.

CloudKeeper Lens
CloudKeeper Lens is a proprietary AWS cost analytics platform. It offers real-time insights, cost optimization recommendations and a granular view of cloud spend patterns and cost usage. The platform offers resource-level cost visibility with no impact on account security and no access is required to the AWS account. The platform gives insights into the AWS bill summary, average daily spend, and last 7 day cost along with monthly forecast & daily cost breakup on AWS services.

CloudKeeper Lens also provides data on the hourly usage of RIs and overall utilization of RIs and Savings Plans. Additionally, it also gives a deep dive into the EC2 and S3 spends and understands data transfer charges for all EC2 instances. The heatmap feature shows cost variation for the month on a daily basis. The data transfer dashboard provides a quick summary of all data transfer charges across the AWS services. 

FinOps Consulting & Support
Backed by a team of 300+ AWS & DevOps Professionals, Architects & Technical Account Managers, CloudKeeper offers end-to-end FinOps support for businesses, helping them optimize their entire AWS cloud infrastructure. CloudKeeper conducts periodic reviews of Cloud Infrastructure and Architectural Designs. It provides consulting/guidance for the adoption of new services or any outage/incident and ongoing support via phone, email and Slack channels. Cloud spend evaluation using context-based analytics and unconventional savings mechanisms ensures higher savings and better performance.  FinOps Consulting/Optimization Guidance by CloudKeeper helps in establishing FinOps KPIs and unit-economics.

AWS Well-Architected Reviews
AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAR/WAFR) benchmarks the infrastructure against the best practices and design principles created by AWS, based on their experience with thousands of organizations worldwide. The AWS-Certified Cloud Experts from CloudKeeper perform a comprehensive review of your AWS infrastructure using a structured approach.

As an AWS Premier and Audited Partner with 12+ years of cloud expertise, CloudKeeper is ranked among the top 5 AWS Well-architected partners in the world with 300+ AWS Cloud & DevOps experts and having conducted 400+ Well-architected reviews in the last year.

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