FinOps Training & Certification

The FinOps Foundation offers training courses and certification programs for anyone who would like to learn more about FinOps.

FinOps Certified Practitioner

The FinOps Certified Practitioner course is designed for those seeking to be a member of a FinOps or cloud financial management team. Companies seeking to hire people to be on a FinOps team would do well to consider Certified Practitioners who will understand the fundamentals of the practice of FinOps.

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FinOps Certified Professional

The FinOps Certified Professional program is a more rigorous program of study, service, and content creation designed for those seeking to lead or support others leading FinOps teams. Companies seeking to start up a FinOps practice, adopt public cloud use, or consult or train FinOps teams would do well to seek out FinOps Certified Professionals who will understand all aspects of FinOps and have practical experience with its implementation.

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Persona-based FinOps Training

If you are not a member of a FinOps team, but will be working with them, consider one of the Persona-based Training courses offered for Engineers, Finance, Product Managers, Procurement, or Executives. These shorter training courses cover the basics of FinOps with examples geared toward a particular persona.

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Curriculum of the training and certification

For an overview of the the general domains and competencies covered by the training and certification exam, see the Linux Foundation’s FinOps certification page. It is based on the open source curriculum which resides on Github.

What level of prerequisite knowledge do I need?

You should understand the basics of how cloud computing works, know the key services on your cloud providers, including their common use cases, and have a basic understanding of billing and pricing models. You should already be able to describe the basic value proposition of running in cloud and understand the core concept of using a pay-as-you-go consumption model.

You’ll also need to have a base level of knowledge of at least one of the three main public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). For AWS, we recommend AWS Business Professional training or, even better, the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. For Google, check out the Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals course. For Azure, try the Azure Fundamentals learning path. Each can usually be completed in a full day workshop.