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The FinOps Framework provides the operating model for how to establish and excel in the practice of FinOps.

Framework overview

FinOps is an operational framework and cultural practice which maximizes the business value of cloud, enables timely data-driven decision making, and creates financial accountability through collaboration between engineering, finance, and business teams.

Explore the Framework

FinOps Principles

Understand the principles of FinOps, the core values that drive the cloud financial movement.

FinOps Personas

The FinOps discipline covers many different personas, understand more about them, their roles, and requirements.

FinOps Phases

The FinOps journey consists of three iterative phases: Inform, Optimize and Operate. Understand more about each phase and how to get started.

FinOps Maturity Model

A FinOps approach of “Crawl, Walk, Run” enables organizations to start small, and grow in scale, scope and complexity as the business value warrants maturing a functional activity. Use this resource to learn more about FinOps maturity.

FinOps Domains

FinOps Domains represents a sphere of activity or knowledge. Every organization adopting FinOps will perform activities in all FinOps Domains.

FinOps Capabilities

FinOps Capabilities represents functional areas of activity in support of their corresponding FinOps Domains. Each Capability includes definitions, key personas, performance metrics, and functional activities involved in a real FinOps practice.