CloudZero puts engineering in control of cloud cost, by connecting technical decisions to business results. For software-driven companies focused on growing margins, the CloudZero Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform translates cost data into a shared language for finance and engineering — answering the what, why, and when, rather than just how much.

Product or Service Overview

The CloudZero Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform provides granular cloud cost visibility, across flexible, business-centric dimensions, without the typical pitfalls of cloud cost management.

CloudZero helps you organize your cloud cost into metrics like unit cost, cost per customer, cost per product feature, and more — without requiring tagging. Companies can get seamless COGS visibility, even on cloud-native architecture that can typically cause blindspots — such as Kubernetes, multi-tenancy, microservices, Snowflake, and more.

Designed for engineering, CloudZero is simple, intuitive, and automated — enabling teams to decentralize cost data to engineering teams and build a culture of cost consciousness. With automated cost anomaly alerts in Slack, based on relevant cost dimensions like features and dev teams, teams can move fast and experiment with fast feedback and cost guardrails. Deep context and integrations with popular CI/CD tools help teams quickly explore and debug cost issues.

Supporting Resources

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Supported Framework Functions

  • Resource Metadata (Tagging/Labeling)
  • Resource Hierarchy (Accounts, Subscriptions & Projects)
  • Shared Cost Management
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Optimization Recommendations
  • Automation, Architecture Refactoring
  • Continuous Improvement, Learning
  • Autoscaling, Data Ingestion
  • Data Processing, Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics, Budget Alerting
  • Marketplace, Policy Management
  • Trending & Variance Analysis
  • Containers Capabilities

Contribution Areas

  • SIG Containers
  • SIG engineering
  • Shared Costs


  • Joined: April 2021
  • Supports: AWS, Snowflake