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Costimize vision and mission is to proactively simplify the complexity of managing Google Cloud ecosystems. We want to make Google Cloud easy for everyone to participate, so the engineering and financial hurdles get visualized and acted upon. We rapidly determine your case and what your real cloud value should be from the start, using structured data – not guesswork – recognizing which decisions the business needs to take forward with confidence to improve financially-wise. Costimize focuses relentlessly on Google Cloud and its tool-set. Therefore, Costimize is the go-to solution for GCP as Costimize covers all components - network, storage, compute, managed services - making it the only comprehensive tool for GCP governance and management.

Product or Service Overview is an enterprise SaaS solution for Governance, FinOps, and Cost Management in Google Cloud. You can sign-up in under 3 minutes, start using the standardized and automated processes with action-driven recommendations, and save up to 70% of your total cost. It provides a set of specialized solutions that lays out the right technical and financial foundation for your DevOps & FinOps teams to manage cloud cost seamlessly and achieve budget compliance. is built on top of GCP with the latest cloud-native and SaaS concepts for best security, availability, and scalability.

Supporting Resources

Recent FinOps Activity

Supported Framework Functions

  • Resource Metadata (Tagging/Labeling)
  • Resource Hierarchy (Accounts, Subscriptions & Projects)
  • Shared Cost Management
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Commitment Discounts (Reservations, Savings Plans, CUDs)
  • Optimization Recommendations
  • Automation
  • Architecture Refactoring
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Learning
  • Autoscaling
  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Processing
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics
  • Budget Alerting
  • Committment Tracking
  • Policy Management
  • Trending & Variance Analysis
  • Containers Capabilities
  • Software Asset Management

Contribution Areas

  • Framework


  • Joined: August 2020
  • Supports: GCP
  • Certified FinOps Practitioners: 5