Platform Provider

Exivity is a cloud agnostic metering and billing software solution for hybrid cloud environments. By retrieving data from any public and on-premises cloud, Exivity creates a 360 view across all IT consumption supporting any MSP/CSP customer billing or enterprise chargeback/showback use case.

Product or Service Overview

‘Exivity is a flexible metering and billing tool capable of satisfying the requirements of any IT service delivery model, whether deployed on-premise, in public or in hybrid clouds. In addition to services provided by the cloud Exivity can retrieve data from associated systems such as a CMDB and use this to create custom services such as VM t-shirt sizes, backups, etc. Exivity gives you control over your assets and financial insights to automate your IT delivery:

• Report on consumption per client and BU

• Automate your IT billing or charge back process

• Set budgets on departments and project level

• Provide an intuitive dashboard to all users with RBAC

• Integrate your data into 3rd party tools and ERP systems

• SSO using all major Identity Providers

• Flexible Extraction engine with ready to use templates

• Manage rates, discounts and uplifts on a per account basis

• and many more

Integrations are available for Azure, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, VMware, OpenStack, and others.

Supporting Resources

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Supported Framework Functions

  • Resource Metadata (Tagging/Labeling)
  • Resource Hierarchy (Accounts, Subscriptions & Projects)
  • Shared Cost Management
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Commitment Discounts (Reservations
  • Savings Plans, CUDs)
  • Automation
  • Usage Volume Discounts (Usage Tiers, SUDs)
  • Data Processing
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics
  • Budget Alerting
  • Commitment Tracking
  • Marketplace
  • Trending & Variance Analysis
  • Containers Capabilities
  • Software Asset Management


  • Joined: September 2021
  • Supports: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, Data Center, Private Cloud